Five Challenges the Construction Industry

5 Challenges the Construction Industry Is Facing Right Now Despite the rapidly recovering construction market, many companies are still finding it difficult to be successful. Margins are tighter than ever and a lot of companies are trading dollars, but not finding the success they are seeking. In our discussions, we have identified some challenges that our industry […]

Contractors receive new National lean accreditation

FIFTY-ONE CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS RECEIVE NEW NATIONAL ACCREDITATION IN USE OF LEAN CONSTRUCTION PRACTICES by AGC or America Over Four Dozen Graduates of AGC’s Lean Construction Education Program are First to Pass Rigorous Assessment Fifty-one construction professionals received a new national accreditation in the use of Lean Construction, a holistic practice aimed at minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency[…]

Four Hidden Risk That Can Cost You

Four Hidden Risks That Can Cost Contractors Money Contractors and construction workers perform some of the most dangerous work there is – and they’re often competing on price with professionals who cut corners or skimp on quality to keep their costs low. While the temptation to operate a lean business to minimize short-term expenses may be significant,[…]