Contractors’ questions:

1 Is a company required to “join” before they can buy on the site?
→ Yes, we are a business-to-business company. You can join as a COD credit card only customer or you can apply for terms.

2 Can a company review the site and compare National’s pricing before they join?
→ You will need a log in before you can see your prices. Your sales person can give you an idea of the prices you can expect before you join up.

3 Can a company buy products online with a credit card without joining, or completing a credit application?
→ Yes, to buy COD online you will need to set up an account but all we need is Name. Company Address and email. Click the Buy Now Link and we will get you set up. Also If you are making a purchase direct from one of our warehouse facilities we can accommodate your credit card purchase as a cash sale without the need of an account setup.

4 What does a company do if they don’t see a product listed under a specific manufacturer but they want to purchase it?
→ There is a “Need Help” link at the bottom of each page that takes you to a form you can fill out. We also maintain a toll free number so you may contact us directly with any questions.

5 How does a company get “special pricing” for large projects?
→ We strive to offer the best prices in the industry. Occasionally we may run into very competitive situations on extremely large jobs that require special price considerations. When this occurs, we negotiate with the manufacturers and can occasionally offer special trade discounts when applicable. Please contact your sales rep for more information.

6 Can others see what I am ordering?
→ No, your account is only available to you as the user. We do not track your movement.

7 What if I need to return a product?
→ There is a link at the bottom of the site where we provide information on the criteria for returns and a form to fill out. You may also contact your sale person or the facility where you purchased the products.

Navigation and check out questions:

1 How do I find the product I want on the site?
→ You can search by manufacturer, industry category or by typing in a search query. Clicking on a manufacturer icon brings you to the main list page with links to all manufacturers and a pull down menu for the industry categories. The search tool is available in the title bar top right.

2 Can I see all of the products for a manufacturer or category without seeing the category icons?
→ Yes, simply click on the All Products link and select the manufacturer you want. You can then see all of the items up to 72 at a time.

3 Can I find out more about the product once I find it?
→ There is a brief description of each product under the image and stocking information. There are also links to tech data, SDS and other needed information under this.

4 Why are some many of your products drop ship only?
→ NWS has a basic business model where we help connect you directly with the manufacturer. We stock the most popular items in our local warehouses for quick deliver to you to get your project started and then drop ship the rest. This is the reason we can offer you the best pricing in the industry.

5 How do I know what you have in stock in the local warehouse?
→ Each product will display the quantities for each warehouse.

6 Can I order just one item rather than full cases?
→ In order to have our manufacturing partners drop ship direct we need to stick to case sizes as indicated. Those item we have in stock are available to ship as single. Also, If you are picking up an order directly from one of our warehouse facilities we can split up cases.

7 How do I get back to the page I was just looking at?
→ Most browsers have a back button. You can also use the “Bread Crumbs” type link at the top of each product display. Clicking on these links takes you back one or several past pages that you have viewed.

8 How do I get to the check out area?
→ Once you have logged in you will see the shopping cart button in the top right area of the site just over the main navigation. Clicking on this link will take you to the your check out area.

9 How can I change a quantity for a product or delete it once I am at the check out?
→ You can cancel out or go back at any stage in the check out process up to where you click on the “Finish Order” button. Quantities can be changed in the check out area simply by changing the quantity or delete, as you need.

10 If I log out will I lose what is in my cart?
→ The NWS site will save what you had in the cart “truck”.

11 What is the “My Purchase List” link on the My Account page?
→ The NWS site lets you save items in a list for future use. These lists can be products that you order an a regular basics or for estimating coming jobs or whatever.

12 Can I add a new shipping address?
→ Yes, as you check out you will come to the shipping page. Enter your shipping here and the system will remember it for you for future use.

13 Can I add a new billing address?
→ Yes, as you add new shipping addresses they will be added to the billing pull-down list. Note: the sales tax (if applicable) will be calculated based on the shipping address.

15 Do I need to give you a PO number?
→ You do not have to use PO numbers. You can use anything that helps you later track the job through our system.

16 Do I need to give you my lien information?
→ No, this is a value added service we maintain to help you. It is there for you, as you need it.

17 What is the “Notes” area for as I check out?
→ Notes let you send a message to us regarding special instructions. The note prints out on the order and shipping ticket.

18 How does NWS compute tax?
→ We employ a tax service to manage this aspect. This service will compute the tax based on the most recent tax information. It computes the tax for you based on the shipping address you entered. It uses a geo tracking system to assure the best accuracy.

19 Can I pay with a credit card even though I have a credit account with NWS?
→ Yes, The last step of the checkout is choosing your payment type. Just check the credit card option. Once you have entered a credit card our system will remember it for you the next time you shop. For security reasons we only keep the last four digits of your cards and these are encrypted by our system.

20 How do I know my order was received by NWS?
→ E-mail will be sent to you to verify your order. At the same time one is sent to the warehouse of origin and your sale person. As we process the order you can review it in the “Status” area of the site.

21 Is my credit card information safe with NWS?
→ Yes, your information is safe we only keep the last four digits of you cards and these are encrypted by our system. We have a secure pathway to and from your bank. Your account information is secured through GeoTrust, a worldwide leader in security technology.

User account information:

My Profile tab:

1 Should I change my password?
→ As with all services on the web you need to keep your information secure. Having a strong password and changing it occasionally is the best policy to follow.

2 Can I revise my E-mail address?
→ Yes, in the “my profile” tab at the top you may change your E-mail, name and phone contact.

3 Can I change the company address?
→ No, the address is tied to your account and cannot be changed without contacting NWS. The profiles’ phone contacts, e-mails, name, user id and password and shipping addresses are all editable.

BillPay Area and Order Status tab:

1 What is the difference between orders and invoices?
→ Your web purchases come in as an order. Once we have shipped the job or created the purchase order for the drop-ship it is changes to an invoice.

2 Can I track may job?
→ Yes, the status area has a column called “Document Status”. Clicking this show the shipping date and other tracking information.

3 Can I look up old invoices or orders?
→ Yes, you can see orders, invoices, returns and back orders in the “Order Status” area as well as the Account Info area. Clicking the referencing number for each brings up the document where you can e-mail it or make a pdf for your records.

Account Info tab:

1 What is the difference between the “Accounts Info” and “Order” tab?
→ The main difference is your can see you payments and pull up yearly or monthly statements.

2 Why can’t I see my newer payment or statements?
→ Your payments can take a couple of days to process. The statements get processed the first of each month.

3 How do I know what invoice I am paying off?
→ Clicking the document number link will open the invoice details.

4 Can I make a partial payment on an invoice?
→ Yes, the amount can be applied to an invoice leaving the balance.

5 What is the “Amount to pay un-applied” check box at the bottom of the list?
→ You can pay off a “lump amount” that will apply to your account. We will pay down the oldest invoices with this amount.

View users tab:

1 Can I add my own users?
→ No, Get with you sales representative to have new users added on you account.

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