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Precision Seal


July 2019

So, you’ve used Precision Lift foams to lift and level sunken concrete back into place. Great! Now, its time to seal the cracks and joints for those driveways, patios, porches and sidewalks. Precision Seal is a self leveling sealant designed to offer superior adhesion to concrete for sealing horizontal joints. 


  • Excellent adhesion on porous and non-porous substrates
  • High performance mechanical properties
  • Permanent elastic after full cure
  • Self-leveling
  • No bubble formation within sealant even in high temperature and humidity applications
  • Color stable and UV resistant
  • Ecological advantages: free of isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids
  • Minimal health and safety considerations
  • Can be painted with water based paints and many other systems (to be tested)
  • Good extrudability even at low temperatures
  • Excellent weather resistance in all climates
  • Primerless adhesion on many different substrates. Almost odorless.

June 2019


New to W. R. Meadow’s’ extensive line of building envelope products comes AIR-SHIELD ALUMINUM SHEET MEMBRANE. This self-adhering air/vapor and liquid moisture barrier is a roll-type product comprised of aluminum bonded to specially modified asphalt. AIR-SHIELD ALUMINUM SHEET MEMBRANE offers several unique features to the building envelope market.



WR Meadows Knight School


Enroll in to W. R. MEADOWS Knight School today!

W. R. MEADOWS believes knowledge is power. That’s why we have developed Knight School. This online educational network is intended to transfer knowledge about our products, their specifications, usage and applications to those who need it most – our distributor partners who support the architects, engineers, contractors and building owners who use our products.


August 2019

Our guys at the Tampa warehouse is always looking for ways to help with the latest product promotion. In this Facebook post Terry’s son Dylan is thinking “outside the box” for Tremco’s Spectrem® Simple Seal. 


Extruded Silicone Bridge
Spectrem® Simple Seal is an ultra-low modulus, preformed silicone extrusion specifically designed to have high elongation properties. Simple Seal is typically bonded with Spectrem 1 Silicone Sealant to a wide range of substrates to provide a watertight seal.

Basic Uses
Tremco Spectrem Simple Seal is designed for both new construction and restoration work involving window perimeter, EIFS joints, parapet walls, skylights, aluminum window seals, transition seals, curtain wall joints, sheet metal roof joints, and other lap joints.

WR Meadows

May 2019

New from W. R. MEADOWS – DECRA-SEAL NATURAL is a natural looking, color enhancing sealing compound for decorative concrete designed for interior and exterior concrete surfaces where a non-gloss look is desired. It is also a penetrating water repellent that chemically bonds to the substrate to help increase the service life. 

DECRA-SEAL NATURAL can be used for various applications including horizontal and vertical concrete and masonry surfaces, pavers, unglazed tiles, and a variety of porous natural and artificial stone applications.


  • Non film forming penetrating sealing compound
  • Non-yellowing
  • Water repellent
  • Water based and low VOC for interior or exterior surfaces
  • Enhances color with a natural finish


Mapei Corporation 

Mapei Corporation 

New from W. R. MEADOWSPENCURE OTC, a unique, dual-action, non-yellowing, acrylic curing compound for fresh, broomed concrete. It is transparent and easy to apply.PENCURE OTC has been formulated to simultaneously form a membrane and penetrate into the surface of the concrete to cure the surface and also help reduce the intrusion of salts and water.


  • Single step application
  • Cures freshly placed concrete
  • Minimizes crazing and shrinking cracks common to improperly cured or uncured concrete
  • Complies with ASTM C309, Type 1, Class A&B
  • Helps provide protection from the damaging effects of salt and water penetration


Mapei Corporation 

Mapei Corporation 

Tremco Sealant and Waterproofing

Vulkem EWS 

Cold-Applied Pedestrian/Vehicular Coating System – Ready for Use 1 Hour After Application

Vulkem® EWS with PUMA technology is designed to have tenacious adhesion and extreme abrasion resistance. It can be walked on in one hour, which will minimize operation disruption. Vulkem Extreme Wearing System (EWS) is a waterproof traffic deck coating that utilizes polyurethane-methacrylate (PUMA) technology. Vulkem EWS is composed of a primer (Tremco PUMA Primer), a base coat (Tremco PUMA BC), and a top coat (Tremco PUMA TC). All system components are cured using Tremco PUMA Initiator.

Basic Uses — Available Systems:

  • Heavy Duty: Designed for heavily abused areas, such as loading docks and areas that are snow plowed.
  • Helipad: Designed for extreme wear use, such as landing areas or platforms for helicopters and powered lift aircrafts
  • Pedestrian: Designed to withstand repetitive pedestrian traffic such as stadiums and balconies.
  • Vehicular: Designed to withstand vehicular traffic that occurs in the drive lanes, ramps, helical turns, and ticket spitter of a parking structure.
  • Under Tile: Designed for tile, pavers, and bonded overburden.
  • Water Features: Designed for fountains, pools, splash pads and decorative water features.

Mapei Corporation

Planitop® 23 makes durable vertical and overhead repairs
Planitop 23 is a two-component, fast-setting, polymer-modified, thixotropic, fiber-reinforced cementitious mortar, with a corrosion inhibitor. It is intended for vertical and overhead repairs, and contains silica fume to provide a durable, high-strength mortar in these applications.Read more here.

Mapei Corporation

New system solutions guide for the hospitality industryMAPEI’s new system solutions guide spotlights the company’s products for the hospitality industry. For building interiors, MAPEI has products that target surface preparation, floor-covering installations and maintenance. For building exteriors, MAPEI provides materials for below-grade waterproofing, facade protection and parking garage renovations.
Read more here.

Mapei Corporation

MAPEI’s Technical Library is now online
MAPEI has a new online Technical Library that serves as an alternate way to find the information that you want – technical bulletins, brochures, reference and installation guides, product catalogs and technical data sheets.
Read more here.

Mapei Corporation

Planiseal ® Traffic Coat FS
Planiseal Traffic Coat FS is a fast-setting, two-part epoxy that provides a water- and skid-resistant broadcast overlay for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Planiseal Traffic Coat FS is used on elevated concrete bridges and decks, as well as parking garages and plaza decks.
Read more here.

Mapei Corporation

MAPEI launches below-grade waterproofing tools for architects

MAPEI recently added Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems to the Architectural CAD/Spec Guide tool. Users now have easy access to the three Guide Specifications for the waterproofing systems; Technical Data Sheets for waterproofing products; and over 80 CAD details (DWG and PDF formats). 
View more here.

Mapei Corporation

Planitop mortar for vertical and overhead repairsPlanitop 23 is a fast-setting, cementitious fiber-reinforced mortar, with a corrosion inhibitor. Planitop 23 is intended for vertical and overhead repairs, such as renovating and resurfacing tunnels, bridges, pools, beams, ceilings, balconies and more.
Read more here.

Tremco Sealant & Waterproofing

Solutions for Building Owners and Facility Managers

Restoring Airtightness and Weather-Resistance to Window and Curtain Wall Systems

The window and curtain wall system has evolved over the years, especially with respect to weather control performance. Each has its own unique challenges and is designed to respond to different performance requirements when controlling the passage of air and water. Visit our Glazing Restoration page.

Parking Structure Preservation

Parking structures represent a major capital expenditure for owners. Once constructed, they are expected to last for several decades, despite wide temperature variations, extremely corrosive conditions and impressive loads. Vehicular traffic takes a daily toll. De-icing salts, acid rain and caustic chemicals compound the abuse.

Read our National Institute of Health Project Case Study.

Prolong Productive Life of Building Weather Seals While Adding Thermal Protection

When looking for the ultimate protection, Spectrem Silicone Sealants used in conjunction with our illmod 600 pre-compressed polyurethane joint sealant can simplify sealant restoration while prolonging productive life and more.

Learn about illmod 600 pre-compressed expanding foam sealant.

Prime Resins

Introducing Prime Gel 2800 Strippable

Due to customer request we’ve developed Prime Gel 2800 Strippable surface seal. This is a rapid cure polyurea non-sag paste designed as a temporary surface seal prior to injection of epoxies or polyurethanes. It comes in cartridges and can be stripped off once the injection resin has cured, leaving a clean surface. This non-sag paste that won’t run or drip in vertical or overhead applications. The surface needs to be dry to use 2800.

It is recommended for basement wall or foundation repair, architectural concrete, precast components and tilt-up panels, and parking decks. For more details, see the technical data sheet.

Mapei Corporation

Planitop® Shotcrete – ideal for large structural repairs

Planitop Shotcrete is a special blend of hydraulic binders, silica fume, fiber and well-graded aggregates formulated to produce less “rebound” than other shotcrete materials. It is ideal for large structural repairs, such as tunnels, bridges, dams, parking garages, viaducts and retaining walls.
Read more here.

Mapei Corporation

Mapefloor parking deck systems

MAPEI has updated its brochure on Mapefloor parking deck systems to include the latest information on uses and application methods.
Read more here. 

Mapei Corporation

MAPEI’s two new penetrating sealers
MAPEI has introduced two new penetrating sealers – Planiseal® WR 40 (40% silane) and Planiseal WR 100 (100% silane). These products protect concrete, block, stone and brick substrates against moisture and chloride intrusions, freeze-thaw exposure, and such airborne contaminants as acid rain and industrial fumes.Technical Data Sheet for Planiseal WR 40
Technical Data Sheet for Planiseal WR 100

Mapei Corporation

MAPEI epoxy resins for concrete repairs

MAPEI has developed three repair epoxies to treat cracks in concrete:

  • Low-viscosity Epojetfor sealing cracks in structural concrete, masonry and wood
  • Ultra-low viscosity Epojet LV that deeply penetrates and seals hairline, non-dynamic cracks, both dry and damp
  • Planibond AE epoxy anchoring gel for a wide variety of bonding and repair applications

Mapei Corporation

MAPEI introduces Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems

MAPEI Corporation introduced its Below-Grade Waterproofing product line to the North American construction market at the 2016 World of Concrete trade show. The first products will be available in the United States in the second quarter, and will address positive and blindside below-grade waterproofing.
Read more here.

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