Useful Information

Here is a collection of some of the most useful links.

Architectural CAD/Spec Guide  Courtesy of Mapei

Pecora’s Mobile App Sealant Calculator Courtesy of Pecora Corporation

Euclid Chemical Product Usage Estimator: Courtesy of Euclid Chemical

Viscosity Comparison Chart: Courtesy of Prime Resins

Dew Point Calculation Chart: Courtesy of Prime Resins

Metric Conversion Chart:  National Waterproofing Supply

Sealant Coverage Chart:  National Waterproofing Supply

Hydro Stop Material Estimating Chart: Courtesy of Quest Corporation

Architectural Solutions brochure: Courtesy of Mapei

All Tremco Calculator: Courtesy of Tremco

Compressed Foam Tape Calculators: Courtesy of Tremco

MAPEI Competitive Product Guide: Courtesy of Mapei

WR Meadows Product Calculator and Mobile App: Courtesy of WR Meadows

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