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COVID NWS remains safely
open during COVID 19
favicon In a continued effort to ensure the safety and health of our employees, customers and vendors, NWS will continue to process orders when placed online, via email, text message or by phone.

Orders will be available for “immediate” pick-up at our facilities’ loading docks, or can be delivered to a customers’ facility or job site, provided that the necessary precautions and CDC guidelines for safe distancing are followed.

Thank you for helping us to comply with the guidelines and regulations in place, we truly appreciate your patience and continued support!!!

Rich Ford
Important Pricing and raw materials update favicon

To our Partners in the Industry,

As many of you are aware, we are being notified of a shortage of raw materials from the majority of the Manufacturers representing our Industry. These raw materials are vital to the production of virtually all of the products used daily, and the impact unfortunately will result in both a limited supply and increased costs of materials which are being passed down from the Manufacturers.

Although temporary, we are hearing of and seeing increases of 5% to as high as 10%, and again possible restriction and or limits on the availability of Raw Materials resulting in decreased inventory.

Please be assured that NWS will continue to offer competitive pricing as much as possible, but will be forced to pass along the Manufactures increases accordingly.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding during these challenging times.

Best Regards,

Rich Ford

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About Us

National Waterproofing Supply was created in 2012 as a wholesale supply company providing quality construction materials to clients nationwide.  We are able to offer competitive pricing for top construction and waterproofing products, from a variety of recognized domestic and international manufacturers.

National Waterproofing Supply is a proud GSA SCHEDULE CONTRACT HOLDERallowing us to sell a wide range of products to government institutions.

Our strengths

National Waterproofing Supply excels in Customer Service by offering


Top quality products and materials from 48 different brands


Competitive and customized pricing


Free local delivery


Experienced staff


GSA Contract Holder

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A wide range of product options for each of your projects

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Call: 954-541-8866

Address: 2435 SW 32 Avenue, Pembroke Park, FL 33023

Call: 954-541-8866

Address: 2435 SW 32 Avenue, Pembroke Park, FL 33023



Call: 407-706-6672

Address: 550 Kane Ct, Suite 100, Oviedo, FL 32765


Call: 813-605-0795

Address: 1212 North 39th Street Suite 300 Tampa, Florida 33605


Call: 303-371-3755

Address: 11929 East 51st Avenue, Denver, CO 80239


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