Polyurethane Sealants: One-Component vs. Two-component

The main reason for using a polyurethane sealant is to provide movement when applied in gaps and joints and this is why they are elastomeric and offer +/- 25% movement capability. Sealants are not adhesives but need to have sufficient adhesion to the substrate to remain bonded over their expected life of service. Polyurethane sealants are classified […]

How to Estimate Material for Concrete Leveling With Foam

When I talk to mudjackers who want to get into foam lifting, they almost always want to know the difference in estimating how much material is needed. In fact, anyone new to slab lifting with polyurethane foam will ask how to estimate material, not just people experienced in mudjacking. If you use a cementitious slurry, you are[…]

Ventilating the Job Site

Ventilating the job site during and after spraying is very important for the health and safety of applicators. Proper ventilation can reduce airborne levels of aerosols, mists and vapors generated during spray application and can help protect SPF applicators, helpers and others who may be working in adjacent areas. Thoroughly ventilating a spray area is a mechanical[…]