Reduce material handling costs by investing in floor repairs

damageA common sense strategy for reducing vehicle maintenance/repair costs,
extending your fleet’s lifecycle, and gaining a competitive edge.

These are challenging economic times – As the economy slows every
warehouse/distribution professional is seeking ways to reduce costs and maximize
efficiency. Some will try to improve their slotting layouts, some may research
warehousing software, and others might even consider replacing their older
material handling vehicles with newer models. But each could be overlooking
a more basic, common sense strategy; reduce the hidden costs in your present
Cost per vehicle hour – When you purchased your fleet you determined which
vehicles would allow you to move the most amount of goods at the lowest cost
for the longest service life. When calculating your warehousing/distribution
budget you included a provision for the maintenance and repair of your fleet.
In your business model you likely assumed your hourly operating cost per vehicle
would decrease or stabilize as you amortized its purchase price. But what if
your costs went up instead because you are spending more on maintenance
and repair than projected? You need to find the cause of the increase, and the
first place to look is down at your floor!
Concrete floors damage wheels – Your warehouse concrete floor is the work
surface for your vehicles. Since even the most densely finished concrete has an
abrasive effect on wheels and tires, you can always assume that they will wear
over time and require replacement. But when your floor has surface deterioration
and damage, wheel/tire wear escalates rapidly. …more

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