5 things to know about ‘High Performance’ Mortars

As tiles get larger and installations get trickier, all setting materials manufacturers have developed a category of ‘high performance’ mortars. If you’re setting tile in a freeze/thaw environment, on above-grade areas with deflection, in submerged applications, or with really large tiles, chances are good that you’re being directed to one of these higher performing mortars. What are they really, and how do you know the difference between them?  —more—

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17th Annual ICRI Rocky Mt. Chapter Golf Tournament

The National Waterproofing Supply golf team participated in the 17th Annual Rocky Mountain ICRI Chapter golf tournament. The team consisted of Jason Pryor, Kyle Bodor and Dylan McLaughlin of Black Roofing and Mike Engelke of National Waterproofing Supply. The NWS team finished in first place of Flight #2 with a score of 10 under 60 at the[…]