Extending the Life of Your Battery

Making sure that your speed dial is set properly for your application is an excellent way to optimize your battery’s life, but it is not the only way. Two other great ways to extend your battery’s life are; remove the battery from your gun when it is not in use and, do not overcharge your battery.The control circuitry on the Albion 14.4V cordless gun energizes as soon as the battery is attached, waiting for the trigger to tell the unit to move. If you store you gun with the battery attached it will slowly drain your battery, wasting the charge and the life of your battery.Every rechargeable battery has a set number of times it can be charged. The best way to use a rechargeable is to charge it and use it until it slows down or loses power before recharging it again.

**Remember, all rechargeable batteries need to be charged before their first use.
**Albion batteries should be charged for 24hrs before first use.

By: Pat Quinn


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