Construction Employment is Up in 37 States

California and Arkansas Add Most Jobs for the Year, Ohio and West Virginia Have Biggest Annual Decline; Florida and New Mexico Top Monthly List of Gainers, New York, Indiana & Connecticut Have Largest Drop Construction employment expanded in 37 states and the District of Columbia between July 2014 and July 2015 while only 28 states and D.C. […]

Where is the water coming from?

Whatever your problem, the main thing is to determine the source of the water. This is often very difficult but you may be able to at least isolate the suspect area by judicious water testing. Such tests are essentially static and it is difficult to simulate conditions such as wind driven rain which may be the cause.

Tiled Decks and Balconies

The first thing is to try and establish whether the membrane system has failed or whether it is being bypassed. Perhaps a flashing has been missed or the cavity in the brickwork has become blocked or bridged. […]